‘Tis the season of abundance. I am stashing food like a crazed squirrel, stuffing tomatoes, ratatouille, corn, peppers and beans into the freezer daily.




The sweet autumn clematis sounds like a hive of bees when you get close. They’re like me, gathering food in a frenzy.

Food and fuel.

2 Responses to “abundance”

  1. christine Says:

    I am right there with you. I love stashing food away and of course that yummy firewood will be delicious in december when you cozy up to the stove to eat those stuffed tomatoes. I like that big tomato that looks like a purse. what kind is that?

  2. Katy Says:

    The Ant! The Ant and the Grasshopper! I was looking for cute images and ran across a whole land of right-wing extremist memes (mis)using that parable. Sigh.

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