I’m in love.


Warm. Robust. Manly. The balaclava is the ultimate masculine accessory. I’ve written about my balaclava feelings before, and turning to this page in Knitting America I was felled again.

Not only is the balaclava a nifty fashion accessory, but the word itself is irresistibly beguiling. Say it over and over and you too will fall into its thrall.

In a recent conversation with a-friend-who-shall-remain-nameless I had the pleasure of higher than average “balaclava” word usage. She called me from her cell phone, which she had strapped to her head with a balaclava. Further illustration of the balaclava’s flexibility and usefulness, leading to a deeply-satisfying, “balaclava”-laden conversation.

6 Responses to “balaclava”

  1. Katy Says:

    Yay! That’s a balaclava PLUS a dickie!

  2. Julia Says:

    Haha…I don’t know why they aren’t so common now. I’m glad you’re doing your bit to bring them back into vogue 🙂

  3. Eliza Says:

    Oh, you read my mind! i have been searching balaclava patterns so I can make one for Eamon. His little neck looks so cold; I think a balaclava is in order! 🙂

  4. Wendy Says:

    What’s not to love? Tobin has one that a friend made for him to look like a skunk–he’s a skunk spy! I say it over and over and am soon thinking of baklava…

  5. Ellen Says:

    I have missed you!!
    Can’t wait to see you in yours..
    It looks like a thingie they’d put under the knight’s helmet..mail or maille??
    ya got me thinkin…

  6. jennifer Says:

    I’m loving these things too, and you for honoring them. and how right you are about that lovely word. i must practice saying around people i feel safe with! oddly name for this fantastic objet came to my attention just a couple weeks ago when i was searching for warm things for baby rohan to wear–a need made evident by his interest in SNOW.

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