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Beware what you wish for – I have so much jewelry to make that I feel like I’m in a tightly choreographed dance, moving from beads to chores to paperwork and back. I am not complaining; it’s the good kind of busy, plus there’s cat play and coffee breaks, and excursions to the village board meeting and pilates class (variety is the spice).

In the middle of this twirling we’re going to Scotland and England to visit my family. A welcome break from the daily busy. Or at least it will be welcome once it’s here. I can’t wait for the moment when there’s nothing more I can do to prepare. Too bad if I’ve forgotten something; they sell toothbrushes in the UK. For this glorious “it’s too late” moment I have purchased yarn, and I plan to knit as many of these as I can. Mindless pleasure perfect for airport/airplane/visiting with relatives.

Since posting has been slim, despite my camera being full, before I leave I give you a little catch up of the past weeks here:

I made jam for the first time.

And it was good.

The kittens learned the value of a perfectly-sized box,

the importance of packing toys as well as yourself,

and the usefulness of recycled materials in lieu of those pesky packing peanuts.

The blight took out my solo tomato and all my potato plants.

My harvest was a few pounds of Dark Red Norland spuds,

and five green tomatoes which were respectfully chopped up and cooked into a chutney. (I’m hooked on canning.)

There were wonderful moments of feline détente between the young and the old.

Even, miraculously, between Miss Hissy and Maxie. (Actually I’m not sure that she knew he was there.)

And just in the last few days the leaves from the maples along the drive have taken flight.

As we’re about to do.

7 Responses to “catch up”

  1. Wendy Says:

    This is so full of goodness (and good jam!). The cats look so comfy together. Hope your trip is splendid!

  2. Barb Says:

    My greetings to your UK family! Happy traveling to you and M. I thought of you as we drove VERY near Ellenville on I-84.

  3. eliza Says:

    I’m jealous of your jam making! Someday, someday!

    Have a great trip! I cant wait to hear about it!

  4. Liza Says:

    What a lovely, informative and enticing post! Have a wonderful trip. I am imagining how lovely your dishtowels will be.

  5. Ellen Says:

    This is a wonderful post. I have missed hearing from you!

    I can’t wait to see the piles of jewelry you are making, I am sure they are elegant, simple, well crafted and gorgeous as always…

    Your dish towel reminded of a wash rag for the bath my sister knitted me a while ago which I love… you probably know everything about them already though…

    The woozles are truly dear. Young and old.

    Love you, Have a great trip, e

  6. Katy Says:

    Cutest Pilates Studio Ever!
    Want to workout together when I come visit?

    -Katy “be careful what you mock” M.

  7. jennie Says:

    I can almost taste that jam! Your cat photos give me hope for my newly-merged three-cat household.

    and Katy, I’ve been quoting you and experiencing the results of casual mocking quite a bit recently…oy!

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