These were the daylilies by the barn last Saturday.

Who knows how they’ll look this afternoon when I see them again. It’s a strange thing to be walking through muggy New York streets while in my head I’m walking the yard, thinking about the smell of the white clover taking over the lawn, wondering if I should do as Crockett says and break up the daylilies this fall since they are only sparsely in bloom.

Somehow I don’t think that when I’m at the house this weekend I’ll be thinking about the crowds of NYU students on Union Square, the bus driver swearing at the minivan that cut him off, or the general abundance of filthy concrete. Now why is that?

6 Responses to “daylily”

  1. Eliza Says:

    ok. I am envious. All I want is a weekend out of town! (I’ve just got to wait till August)

  2. Barb Says:

    I had lunch with three women who don’t garden. I’m in so deep now I can’t imagine, but that was me not so long ago. You were part of my inspiration and encouragement.

  3. helle Says:

    oh Estyn! Congratulations……. it’s yours. So happy for you. I have absolutely no doubt it will become a jewel (already is) with your superb eye and talent. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the garden too. Have fun with it.

  4. Ellen Says:

    I think you are like a lover obsessed and lingering with pleasure over every detail…

  5. gonzomama Says:

    We just went back home to Illinois for a visit and those lilies were blooming all over the sides of the country roads. They are just beautiful. I really should plant some here.
    Looking forward to seeing more peeks at your new space. Hope you are settling in okay.

  6. Alastair James Says:

    Just found you and your blog on a lovely summer evening in Edinburgh (remember?) where we are enjoying our little garden in the Stockbridge Colonies. Looking forward to the day we can visit you, see yours and hear you talking about it all. With love…

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