it’s still october, right?

Last week saw the first frost of the season,

first frost

first frost

followed immediately by a blizzard.

snowing in October

Too soon, too much, too weird! I want to register a complaint, but I’m not sure who with. And anyway, I’m finding myself resigned to it being winter already.

snow in October

4 Responses to “it’s still october, right?”

  1. Valerie Mangual Says:

    The trees and shrubs must be totally stressed out! Poor little plants too. Denver had 80 degrees one day and then snow the next. I can only shake my head.

  2. christine Says:

    I think that complaint goes to “Old Man Weather” and his crunchy cohabiter “Mother Nature”, possibly too much Party party on those lovely autumn nights put them in a surly disposition.

  3. helle Says:

    How strange to see frost on the brightly coloured blooms. Beautiful nevertheless.

  4. Amie @ Itsystitch Says:

    That first image of the frost is gorgeous! We had some heavy frost here in Central Arizona too, but sadly everything dies afterward!

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