I’ve adopted Lucy‘s surviving babies. Inevitably. I mean how could I resist?

Wolfie is being surprisingly great with them, seeing the potential for playmates once they move beyond this erratic stage of “I’m wild and crazy and everything is a toy!”

Annabelle is not a happy girl. She’s keeping guard and hissing at them, but it’s been a couple of days and the hiss frequency is getting less intense so I suspect they’re wearing her down.

11 Responses to “kittens!”

  1. christine Says:

    that is a wonderfull picture of them, the last picture makes me think” if you go up to the stairs tonight you better not go alone”.

  2. Katy Says:

    You’re a four-cat-lady!

    Welcome kitt-lins!

  3. thenextstopwillbe Says:


  4. Katy Says:

    The photo of the three of them eating is hilarious to me. I think because I still picture Wolfie in my mind as a tiny gray cat, but he’s about 5X the size of… Noola? I’ve heard that orange tabby females are extremely rare, so guessing that’s Max. Put them to work making jewelry this week! K

  5. Liza Says:

    I certainly could not have resisted those sweet things (even though I know that they are surely great trouble-makers at this point). So cute!

  6. Eliza Says:

    oh, they are adorable! Do they have names? I hope that Annabelle comes around!

  7. pinknest Says:

    They look so wonderful!! Hopefully the hissing will stop, but it is hilarious.

  8. Gilli Says:

    Good for you! I love rescue stories. And the rescuers are wonderful people.

  9. jude Says:


  10. Ellen Says:

    yeah, i am a little jealous too. their soft full plump bellies are soo cute!

  11. Barb Says:

    Petra continues to hiss occasionally at the new dog, but it doesn’t sound as if she means it. Four cat/kits!!

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