land of boxes

This is my world.

I’m a little overwhelmed. Actually, more than a little.

More overwhelmed than the cats, who don’t have to unpack. After spending the first 2 days wedged under the bed they are now revved up and feisty, fueled by their pride in their own tremendous courage.

Annabelle discovered the big window sill in the kitchen – witness her doing her happy stretch – then she twigged and ran around checking all the other windows in the apartment. Sure enough, all have big sills. Happy, happy cat.

Wolfie has followed and is a keen pigeon-watcher.

Moving day was very rough, but it’s over now. There are little pathways carved amongst the piles of stuff. My computer is set up. Things are slowly, slowly falling into place. And despite the chaos and trauma of transition, I really love my new home.

8 Responses to “land of boxes”

  1. Barb Says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you’re back. I’ve thought and thought about all of you, wistfully, from afar. Thanks for the happy cat pictures.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Yea!!!! You are back. I have missed you!
    And great to get a glimpse of the new place, looking forward to more glimpses…
    Lots of love to you all and head nudges to the kitties.

  3. helle Says:

    Oh! I recognize the stretch.
    So many boxes…… overwhelming for sure.
    Strokes to the feline friends.

  4. Rabbitlove Says:

    I was looking at the photo of boxes and thinking about the one that started “beeping”. Just think you get to throw away even more stuff when you unpack experiencing the “why didi I bring this” phenominummmmm

  5. Wendy Says:

    So glad to see and hear a bit of your journey.

  6. thenextstopwillbe Says:

    so THAT’S where the vacuum is!

  7. jude Says:

    welcome home!

  8. Eliza Says:

    I’m joining this late, but HOORAY!!

    I’m glad to hear you’ve made it in and that at least the cats are starting to settle in!

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