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Constellations necklace
If any of you are going to DC for the big inaugural next week, drop by Mia Gemma. The store is just blocks from the White House and has recently added a selection of my jewelry designs to their display. I’m excited to have my work in the store; the staff are meticulously attentive and love what they do. Go visit!

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  1. Barb Says:

    I actually received an invitation, but I’m not even thinking of going. Crowds and cold? No, thank you, However, I’m going to visit this store online; this is an exquisite piece! Good for you!!!

  2. helle Says:

    Your work is delightful. Love it so much.
    I read the article in WOI and was very impressed.

  3. gonzomama Says:

    love. love. love this necklace. i think this may have to be my new favorite.
    so beautiful.

  4. Katy Says:

    Exquisite necklace, yes!
    And a great photo of it!

    In my crystal ball am visualizing Michelle Obama wearing it…….
    I see your in-box flooded…….
    You feel overwhelmed but also happy……
    Michelle Obama is very easy to work with…………

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