my yard is a safe place

Earlier this week I happened to look out the kitchen window when a fawn and her mama walked into the yard. They were nibbling the “deer-proof” forcythia. Then the fawn picked her way back to the maple in the far corner by the brush pile and curled up under it and her mom wandered away. The little one stayed nestled under the tree, almost invisible, all day.

I was a wee bit concerned and placed a call to in-the-know friends who confirmed that this is normal. Apparently does find a safe place to stash their babies and leave them there, coming back to check on them periodically. All week I’ve seen the mom come and go leaving her fawn stashed away in the weeds for hours at a time.

This morning I was making coffee when two female deer wandered into the yard, together with the fawn who raced around in the long grass. I was watching her run crazy loops when all of a sudden there were two fawns, both racing around, up and down the hill. Hilarious.

I wasn’t able to capture them both, but here’s a glimpse of one of them – a speck of fawn at speed.

The sound in the background in Noola chewing cardboard. Still.

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  2. Barb Says:

    I just smiled and smiled as I read your blog and enjoyed the photos/video! Absolutely delightful!!

  3. Liza Says:

    So beautiful. And why am I not surprised to hear that your yard is a safe place?

  4. Ellen Says:

    It is so nice to read your posts. I have been away from the computer for a while and what a joy to read about your garden and your fawns.
    Delicious Beautiful Richly Abundant Hudson Valley…
    I love the Alice Walker quote too.
    Beautiful, Thank you.

  5. Vay Says:

    Found you from an old comment you left on Spirit Cloth. How amazing to see this from your own window! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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