sad news

Lucy died. Not too much more to say really. I’ve been doing some sobbing and a bunch of healthy-cat-hugging.

Her remaining two kittens are looking healthy so I’m continuing to cross my fingers and hope that’s how it stays.

Ugh. It’s a tough world.

8 Responses to “sad news”

  1. Rosemoo Says:

    Very sad. I’m glad she died in a safe place, and that some of her kittens might have a chance. Sometimes no good deed goes unpunished. 🙁

  2. Rabbitlove Says:

    very sorry for lucy and for you, I know you felt a strong connection to her.

  3. Barb Says:

    Sad news indeed. I’m so sorry. Tom and I were just talking tonight about how much animals bring to our lives.

  4. jude Says:

    oh geez….

  5. Ellen Says:

    aww, i am so sorry to hear about Lucy. I was so looking forward to hearing about her continued antics. Maybe if she hadn’t come into your world in the first place and with out your intervention none of her kittens would have survived…So maybe the gift is that she did come to you and two of her kittens have made it and will hopefully have happy lives in loving homes…

  6. Katy Says:

    Ugh. I’m so, so sorry. It’s a terrible disease.

  7. Eliza Says:

    so sorry to hear about Lucy, though I’m glad to hear that two of the kittens are still here. Hugs.

  8. Liza Says:

    I am so sorry.

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