she’s back

She is back. Every day. Usually in the morning when I’m making coffee, but sometimes mid-afternoon. For a second snack.

And she’s bringing her daughter. Who loves to play hide and seek in the forsythia bush and I suspect is the person responsible for sampling my “deer-resistant” perennials and the 2 magnolias I planted. Bless her rotten little polka-dotted soul.

My dreams of the perfect fence continue.

4 Responses to “she’s back”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Maybe that little polka dotted she is a he!!!
    (why is it I am the one always looking between their legs!!)

    You won’t believe it, but just TODAY I gave the OK to my new tenants to hunt the deer on my property…

    Do you HATE me??? (Do I hate me???)

  2. Julia Says:

    They’re gorgeous visitors…even if they do eat the magnolias!

  3. Liza Says:

    Cute but evil for sure. But so cute.

  4. christine Says:

    oh deer what can the matter be
    oh deer what can the matter be
    the schruberry are all eaten up

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