shorter shorts

A little refashioning: I narrowed and shortened the legs of a pair of schlubby short pants which I wouldn’t wear out. Here’s my sophisticated self-portrait taken mid-project:

I also sewed the back pockets closed and cut out the fabric, which was annoying me by bunching. They’re not elegant, but now I have something cool to wear once it quits raining.

5 Responses to “shorter shorts”

  1. jude Says:

    it better stop raining. i was replanning my wardrobe today. it included a lot of extra plastic.

  2. eliza Says:

    that’s awesome! I love it! (and you are so cute!)

  3. boodely Says:

    Ah yes, the plastic wardrobe. Yummmmm.

  4. Katy Says:

    Not schlubby! Cute!
    You are my palest friend. K

  5. Barb Says:

    These look really nice…and are in keeping with your refashioning pledge. Once again, I’m impressed!

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