telling on myself


I bought new clothes. I could justify myself by saying that these leggings make it possible for me to wear clothes that would otherwise linger neglected in my closet, and that really leggings are more hosiery than clothing – this after selective poling. But. I shopped. So I’m telling on myself, making use of my Wardrobe Refashion Get Out of Jail Free pass, and moving on.

It’s been wicked hot so I’ve done very little knitting, although I did get a couple of rows in once things cooled down over the weekend .

Last night I mended a frayed patch at the base on the zipper on my denim skirt, reinforced the snaps on another skirt, and stitched up a tear in my happily thrifted Indian cotton summer dress. It’s amazing how much a few minutes spent mending expands my clothing choices.

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