the pair!

I am ridiculously pleased with my fingerless mittens. This whole blocking the knitting properly was magical; they’re soft and smooth, and they fit well at my wrists, a bonus just when I had resigned myself to their slight saggyness.

This little bird is whispering, “Put on all your brightest clothes and dance around the room.”

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  1. jude Says:

    these are gorgeous, perfect colors, perfect fit. knitting is one craft i could never get the hang of, everything got too tight.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Woo whoo! And elegant too!

  3. thenextstopwillbe Says:

    my, what lovely fingers you have and those are the most pretty knitten mittens!!

  4. jennie Says:

    and thus we meet the best dressed wrists ever!

  5. shula Says:

    Dance indeed…

  6. di Says:

    WOW! these are stunning- I saw your post on Wardrobe Refashioned and had to skip over to your blog to see if you mentioned what yarn you used- they work beautifully together. The red looks like the Fleece Artist yarn I’m knitting with at the moment.
    I like your blog!

  7. katie Says:

    Those mitts are really something special. Nice work! I just discovered your lovely bog over at wardrobe refashion and I had to come by and look around. I would be happy to purchase the pattern for these mittens! Cheers!

  8. SwanDiamondRose Says:

    those are really the most lovely glovies i have ever seen. i don’t know if you would ever consider a trade. maybe not now but in the near future. i am a vintage clothing person and i make purses from vintage fabrics as well. the links to them are on my blog-

    sorry i would have messaged you but didn’t see how.

  9. boodely Says:

    Talk about feeling encouraged!! Thanks so much for the feedback, everyone!

    In answer to the questions – the green yarn is Koigu (merino), and the red is Morehouse Merino’s lace weight, doubled up. Both are variegated colors. Morehouse farm is in upstate New York, and they come in to the Union Square farmer’s market to sell their yummy wool.

    The pattern I used for the shape was Eunny Jang’s excellent Endpaper Mitts (, but instead of her color chart I used flower and bird motifs adapted from Knitting in the Nordic Tradition by Vibeke Lind. I’m thinking I’ll upload a graph for them if enough people are interested.

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