the view from my studio

For the last fortnight the hummingbird activity at the feeder on the porch has been intense. A couple of times I’ve seen ten birds at once.

For such tiny creatures they have big attitude, reminding me of New Yorkers with their fast moves and “You lookin’ at me?” moxie.

(It was raining when I shot this, which made for noisy background, accentuating the traffic sounds.)

Indoors there’s been a lot of silent, focused, staring.

watching the hummingbirds

watching the hummingbirds

One morning I was standing looking out the side door at the garden. I was waking up, sipping my coffee, with Noola draped across my shoulders (she likes it there).

A hummingbird perched on the fence next to the tomato plants. All of a sudden he flew directly towards us and stopped at eye level, a foot away, hovering and checking us out, and then just as suddenly flew off into the trees.

Noola and I were both blown away by the experience.

4 Responses to “the view from my studio”

  1. clinder Says:

    wow, what a contrast between the crazy zooming birds and the silent still felines and I just don’t think of hummingbirds as being agressive pushy buggers but there they are.

  2. jude Says:

    i have actually never seen a hummingbird.

  3. Ellen Says:

    Have you noticed they spray each other too, in feeder battles??
    Amazing video!! Never seen so many at once, maybe they are nestlings???xxo

  4. helle Says:

    This is the coolest Estyn. Sweet little birds and I love that they can have a little rest on the platform…….. a respite from flapping wings at a 100000 beats/sec.

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