there’s someone at the door

I still have my holiday wreath up because a pair of finches visit it daily.

At first I thought they were building a nest which would have been a very bad idea. I pictured myself dealing with eggs and newly hatched babies while collecting my mail and was ready to nix it but closer inspection showed no signs of nest material accumulation. Perhaps they’re collecting?

They’re very chatty, and the porch ceiling amplifies the sound so that I can hear them upstairs. When I come down to see them they peek around the makeshift curtain at me.

And they drive Annabelle wild with desire. Or at least as wild as her 14-year-old self will get.

If they keep visiting I may still have a wreath at Easter .

6 Responses to “there’s someone at the door”

  1. Barb Says:

    I’m smiling as I respond. Understanding Annabelle’s 14-year-old desire and loving the cocked head and attentive eye of the finch as you peer out.

  2. Rose Says:

    I love those little finches perched on the wreath! Inspecting you!

    I’m glad you’ve left them something to hang out in. Maybe you could plant a few more bushes right up close to the house in the front for them to shelter in?

    Loving the paint on the door and front wall area around it.

    When I get my license I’m definitely storming your castle and inviting myself over for tea and knitting.


    Miss you.


  3. Kate Says:

    Love the second finch photo. Poor Annabelle.

  4. rabbit Says:

    Oh those birds are darling!

  5. Ellen Says:

    Those are purple finches. We have them in NYC too. They love thistle seeds. You got amazing pictures of them too. I bet they do nest close, with such a kind nearby friend as yourself…

  6. Fiona Says:

    Me too, I like those chirpy chippy finches, though they seem more red headed than ours which are more green or gold. Maybe they are viking finches? Eating little bits from the wreath, or helping to clear it for you???

    Annabelle, I sympathise, such temptation right above your nose! Is it fair? Is it just? Is life ever??? Here’s hoping for some yummy recompense.

    Lots of strokes and goodies wished from me.

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