uh oh

I live an hour away from Rhinebeck, home of the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, but for five years I’ve managed to stay away. Until this year.

I was afraid that what happened would happen. And it happened. I bought yarn. Mucho yarn.

Rhinebeck yarn haul

Somehow in these pictures it manages to look like not too much yarn, and I am grateful to my camera for that, but it’s enough to knit a sweater, a cowl, a pair of socks and some sort of lacey shawley something. (I swear, if you’d touched that lace weight angora/silk mix it would be at your house right now, and you probably aren’t even a knitter.)

So let’s ignore the fact that I already had plenty of yarn, and instead focus on the pretty, pretty colors…

Rhinebeck yarn haul

3 Responses to “uh oh”

  1. Liza Says:

    I have the same problem — too much pretty yarn, which I buy whenever I see it…So I am knitting mermaids. One (at least) from every yarn I buy. I finished #4 last night. Started #5 right away. I’m getting good at it.

  2. christine Says:

    That grey is fabulous, very jealous even though I have my big bag stash behind the couch.

  3. cal Says:

    i didn’t realize how well they all coordinate! you’re very consistent ;n)

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