washing blueberries

Sometimes beauty finds you during the most mundane moments.

7 Responses to “washing blueberries”

  1. Katy Says:


    Your kitchen is so clean! 🙂

  2. Barb Says:

    You have helped me “see” over and over!! I’m thankful for the points of seeing you share.

  3. Liza Says:

    I love that picture!

  4. Ellen Says:

    a beautiful moment. Thank you for reminding me to notice everything now.

  5. jude Says:

    well it did in this moment. i hope i get some berries this year. no sun.

  6. bernie Says:

    Really peaceful, beautiful.

  7. invisiblebees Says:

    Oh, I have been away too long. Your blog continues to be a source of inspiration and feelings of connectedness for me. Such beauty — in words and in images.

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