wild geese

I read a lovely post by Soule Mama yesterday about the quiet you can find in cities.

This morning I left home a little early, and as I rounded the corner onto Myrtle Avenue, the main shopping strip in my neighborhood, I saw a large V of geese flying overhead. Then I realized that I could hear them. Over my iPod.

I took my earphones out and stood staring, head back, watching the lead bird fall back and another goose take it’s place.

Deep joy.

(photo c/o the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. NOAA is redoing their website, so for now the link has disappeared. Hopefully it’ll be back soon.)

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  1. shula Says:


  2. thenextstopwillbe Says:

    very nice! do you think the lead bird moved because the other one “honked” at him/her? bada bing.

  3. jude Says:

    well, a perfect post. i am in a big city right now. looking up for geese. thank you.

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