winged migration

winged migration

The cats have always exhibited a great disinterest in television, except for the one time when Annabelle went behind the set to see if she could catch the cheetah on the screen.

Winged Migration was on PBS last night, and this time Annabelle was watching. Pretty soon Wolfie came along. According to some highly unscientific polling favorites were the Dancing Cranes and King Penguins.

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  1. Katy Says:

    : )

    My foster beagle Dolly watched TV twice – beagles hunting in some English period drama, and gorillas grooming each other in a documentary. She sat in front of those gorillas, staring at the screen, for the entire 45 minute show.

  2. Liza Says:

    My cats also don’t watch much TV, but birds do get their attention. I am not sure if it is the sounds or the images.

  3. eliza Says:

    That is a fantastic movie! I can see why Annabelle and Wolfie liked it! They clearly have good taste!

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