75 cent skirt

I made this skirt from some yardage I had in my stash, bought years ago in a thrift store. The lining fabric was also from my hoard, as was the interfacing and thread. I did have to buy the zipper – for 75 cents.

I used a Burda magazine pattern but because the panels were too large for my fabric I drafted a version with 6 smaller panels instead of 2 large. That worked out really well. I alternated the grain direction and the fabric hangs beautifully.

I can’t decide whether the skirt looks cute or like drapery. M likes it; my jury’s still out.

8 Responses to “75 cent skirt”

  1. Eliza Says:

    I love the fabric, though I wish I could see it on you…

  2. gaia Says:

    I agree with Eliza, I would like to see it on. I don’t think the fabric looks like drapery at all.

  3. Barb Says:

    I like the skirt AND your floor!

  4. Kate Says:

    I love it! I think the fabric is quite cute, great job!

  5. Ellen Says:

    Yup, me too, I want to see it on! It does not look like drapery, and I am curious what color the lining is etc…You could wear a big bulky sweater with it and army boots… FUN!

  6. Jennie Says:

    Drapery looked great on the von Trapp kids, maybe the two can co-exist for you?

  7. boodely Says:

    I’ll try to get some pictures of it on, but if I’m aiming for the Von Trapp look, I’ll need to make a matching blouse first.

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