a list

Some things I noticed this week:

A woman cycling very slowly with an accordion on her back.

Two fat sparrows scavenging nest-building supplies on a pile of abandoned rubble.

The wind vane on the steeple of the Jefferson Market library swinging wildly 45 degrees back and forth while no one on 6th Avenue noticed besides me .

A pug racing around the dog park with a bulldog, a weimaraner, a german shepherd, and two black labs.

A man giving his subway seat to a lady wearing a purple raincoat and a bell-shaped pink & purple felted hat.

A plastic bag floating in place, 3 floors up.

A two-year-old stopping traffic on a busy stair while he insisted on taking them one at a time.

The distinct smell of hyacinths on a crowded bus.

    4 Responses to “a list”

    1. helle Says:

      How fabulous! The world is so full of surprises.

      Yesterday, driving towards the city, I saw an English Bull dog standing on a trampoline bouncing lightly. His paws staying glued to the surface. I think he was daydreaming, looking at the world go past.

      Thanks for your very kind words.

    2. boodely Says:

      Oh that image really makes me laugh!

    3. shula Says:


      You notice the kinds of things I notice.

      Sometimes, I think I’m the only one.

      And I’ve never met a pug I didn’t like. Or that didn’t like my German Shepherd.

    4. jude Says:

      and this morning i noticed the sound that a needle makes when it goes through fabric.
      your words are so clean, they startle me.

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