best laid plans


My plans for Christmas week were blown out of the water yesterday. There will be no spending days and nights talk talk talking with my bestie. No cooking together. No introducing her to new friends. And no one to blame but the flu. I spent the whole day disheartened and disoriented by the change in plans.

Today was better, I found my footing. The Christmas eve dinner party is still on, lots of lovely people coming over with food to share. And a new, luxurious plan is in place for Christmas day.

But it’s funny how after plenty of experience with disappointment and loss I still find myself standing on my expectations as though they’re solid. Only to be reminded, again, that faith and not knowing are the ground that will support me.

2 Responses to “best laid plans”

  1. Sallie findlay Says:

    So glad you blogged. Always love reading your words, hearing your voice, and taking in what you say. Your last paragraph has entered my self with the gentle sounds of honesty and truth, a lovely gift from you, my friend. Thank you. And…flu begone, replaced by holiday delights.

  2. christine Says:

    I know it sounds trite but “there will be a silver lining” I guarantee it.

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