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I’m back from my first wholesale show. The Buyers Market was very quiet this year, not surprisingly, and long-time attendees felt the difference. Since it was my first show I had nothing to compare to, and plenty to take in and learn.

My pal Val flew in from Michigan to help me. Hallelujah! Load in was smooth, and my booth was near the loading dock which made schlepping a lot easier. Plus we had a full 24 hours before the opening of the show so there was time to futz with the display and remember to eat and sleep.

Here I am in the booth with my “I hate to have my picture taken” face on.

I met lots of wonderful artists and buyers and got great responses to my work. People brought their faces right up to the cases, and wanted to touch the jewelry and see how it moves. The most used word after “beautiful” was “different”, which is a HUGE compliment.

I feel encouraged and surprised by how strongly people reacted. Especially to the sculptural pieces, which were the most noticed. How fun for me – this means I get to make more.

M came and helped me pack and load out and drove us safely home with the help of his new GPS toy (which I nicknamed Jimmy). I’m so grateful. I was so tired that I might have ended up in Florida if left to my own devices.

The store at the Museum of Art & Design (formerly the Craft Museum) placed an order, which is what I’m working on now. I’m excited to have my work for sale in New York, and in such a great location.

And for a cherry on top the show organizers used a picture of my necklace on the cover of the show guide:

I’m a cover girl!
Who needs to clean her house. Boy did I leave a mess.

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  1. Barb Says:

    Your photo makes you look very chic and almost intimidating. High style look. …but I know the “other” you, which is warm and welcoming. In spite of the low turnout because of globally poor economy, I’d say you did very well—orders from a most impressive place, plus on the cover of the exhibit brochure. And it is most fortunate M brought Jimmy; it would have been very strange to get a call from you in Florida!

  2. Eliza Says:

    That is all so wonderful! Congratulations!!!!

    And perhaps this is the first time I’ve seen your face on the blog!

    I’m also glad you are not in Florida.

  3. Katy Says:

    You so totally rock. You and the work – both gorgeous!

    And I love that people *got it* about the beautiful and different element you’re able to create and convey.

    Of COURSE they chose your work for the cover!

  4. Wendy Says:

    Yayyyy! There you are, at buyers market. We all knew this day would come!!! Your work is stunning, and the display lovely. Congratulations.

  5. Julia Says:

    That’s a wonderful image of you in the booth surrounded by your jewellery.It’s great seeing it all together,and presented so stylishly!
    You’ve worked so hard on your designs so it’s lovely to hear they were well received .Congrats on the orders and being on the cover…wow!

  6. Liza Says:

    That is SO awesome! I am so excited to hear about your well-deserved recognition, and your work looks so lovely.

    (Is it scary that S and I call his GPS unit “Liza?”)

  7. thenextstopwillbe Says:

    it’s not jimmy! it’s called bohannon. and it’s not a toy either. much.

  8. Val Mangual Says:

    Pearls, Estyn, Pearls, Estyn, Pearls, Estyn everywhere.
    A Treasure Chest from the Sea.

  9. ina and gumby Says:

    estyn … congratulations on a successful event … it takes courage and stamina to be there and yes … it’s good to hear it all … roll up your sleeves to fill the orders and yes bask in the glory of the cover girl piece!!!

  10. jude Says:

    big congratulations, such a professional looking display and everything looks beautiful. you deserve the fame and i only wish you the best going forward. i am excited for you!

  11. Ellen Says:

    I am so touched by all outpouring of support and affection for you and your work here. Congratulations!! Your work is beautiful, and exquisite, and obsessive and very elegant and fine. I am so glad the world has a chance to see it and recognize it.

    May this be just the beginning of who knows what kind of adventures your work will take you on!!

  12. jennie Says:

    what a fantastic first experience and what a gorgeous booth you put together!

    as for jimmy/bohannon, the real question is which voice is it set to?!

  13. helle Says:

    Congratulations!!!! Your jewellery is absolutely amazing.

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