Some of my holiday ornaments are still up, I can’t bear to put away the snowflakes hanging on my windows just yet. They’re cotton crochet that has been blocked and sized to make a rigid ornament. In the daytime they look like ink drawings on the sky, and at night they reflect the light, white against the darkness outside.

Looking at them day after day has brought me back to drawing mandalas. There’s something so soothing about developing a pattern from the center out, and magical in the way I can’t anticipate what will happen as it grows.

2 Responses to “doodling”

  1. jude Says:

    centered designs are so soothing, thanks.

  2. Ellen Says:

    the simple ordinary snow flake mandala against the sky is perfect.
    The sky is an infinite mystery, and our lives like these mandalas, are created by growing in circumferences like this in bits with knots here and loopy growth spurts there…I put ithem on my screen saver to remind me…
    Thank you, xo, e.

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