I was meeting a friend uptown and arrived early so I walked a little along the reservoir in Central Park. There were lots of skinny people in high tech running gear, talking on cell phones, their ipods in their other hands.

The sky and water looked glum, which is how I’ve been feeling. Like I’ve fallen down and lost my way a little. I know that my mood will change, same as the weather; I want it to happen soon.

8 Responses to “fall”

  1. Barb Says:

    I want it to happen for you soon, too. Before I read your note, though, I thought the photo of the reservoir/NY was serene and very beautiful.

  2. Eliza Says:

    I hope you find your way. Reflecting and walks are always good for that state of mind.

  3. jude Says:

    oh. change. it happens. and then it happens again. and again i suppose it could be perceived as an adventure. if we relax. right. it’s easy to say that from a distance. good luck.

  4. Ellen Says:

    falling leaves, and the city greyness of winter approaches, which includes those delicious soups and baked things you love, the perfect time to stay inside & watch movies, knitting…
    and I want to remind you of what has helped me on the glum days: gratitude…

  5. Katy Says:

    “Glum” is a great word. What do cats do when they are glum?

  6. Julia Says:

    Wish I could make it better…may be it already is.
    Your writing and photographs are so evocative and beautiful.I always leave here feeling enriched.I don’t know if it’s what you say ,or what you leave out.

  7. Liza Says:

    Hope you are feeling more cheerful by now. It is hard not have your mood match the weather when it is grey like that. But there is a certain beauty in even the most muted colors; as your photos show so well. It is grey up here in ME today, too.

  8. pinknest Says:

    think crisp, fall appley thoughts!

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