finding treasures

The former owners left me some treasures they found while working on the house, and I’ve been discovering others, like this little wasp nest tumbled from the side door frame.

And when I set out to weed the old compost heap it led me to weeding in front of the barn door and then to picking up pieces of broken glass and plastic, which led back to the heap where I sorted and picked a whole lot of plastic and found a rich mix of treasures such as these:

Doesn’t everyone need a plastic three-headed monster? I know I do.

7 Responses to “finding treasures”

  1. Barb Says:

    …and those are YOUR polka-dotted boots? What is the decorative piece beneath the wheel and the hook?

  2. jude Says:

    it is amazing what i dig up and i have been here for 30 years. love the wasps nest, i found one just the other day. i see you are enjoying country life.

  3. boodely Says:

    Barb – yes, my boots. And I have no idea what the decorative piece was… it’s pretty though.

    Jude – I’m enjoying the country so much I don’t want to leave.

  4. Katy Says:

    Please, please, please glue the black plastic dragon with three red eyes to the black plastic remote control with one red eye! Hilarious!

  5. Jennie Says:

    I love your treasure collection! Will you build an installation somewhere?

  6. dan Says:

    Cerberus is a handy guard

  7. boodely Says:

    Cerberus! Awesome!!! I knew I needed him around.

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