holy moly

I was nominated for a thinking blogger first by Miss Frugality, and then by Gooseflesh. Any more nice attention and I’ll have to break out in a vivacious rendition of I Feel Pretty from West Side Story.

thinking blogger

My 5 are:

Spirit Cloth, for bringing my focus right in to the surface of the work. And then deeper.

The Next Stop Will Be for his quirky perspective on life, especially in the city. Full disclosure: the man’s my honey.

SouleMama for keeping me interested in her daily parenting adventures even though I’m not remotely a mom.

Poppalina for being willing to tackle the hard subjects openly. And being funny about it.

And since I was gonna nominate her before she tagged me, Gooseflesh. I can’t think of the ocean in the same way anymore.

2 Responses to “holy moly”

  1. shula Says:

    Well, shucks.

  2. jude Says:

    well double shucks, this is twice for me, is that fair?

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