hope dances

I just had a birthday and my brother sent me the most amazing gift – a film he made using consecutive still photographs we shot when he visited me 3 years ago.

I had been commuting the full length of Manhattan several days a week and wanted somehow to describe the experience. Together we came up with the idea for this film and we spent hours riding the trains and taking pictures.

We didn’t shoot any film, just photographs one after another  (I can’t remember why) so when it came to editing it was an enormous task to stitch the photographs together, like an animation, and then edit that footage. But he did it, and I think it’s absolutely beautiful. What a gift! Thank you, Garth.

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  1. Jennie Says:

    wow! That was stunning. What a fantastic gift and what amazing talent.

  2. Eliza Says:

    that was amazing! I feel like that needs to be broadcast far and wide; I hope he’s doing something with it! it’s so New York. 🙂

  3. Rose Says:

    Very nice piece!!!

  4. Katy Says:

    Argh! I’m trapped in hotel land and lost track of the date….

    Happy Birthday to you
    We’re humans and monkeys….
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Liza Says:

    WOW! That is amazing. Hard to believe it is all still pictures. I love it and can’t wait to show it to my step son who is studying film making.

    And, belated, but very warm, birthday wishes coming your way.


  6. Barb Says:

    A perfect representation of the NY subway experience…with a fantastic model! Yay Garth!

  7. Wendy Says:

    This is so beautifully done!
    Tobin was inspired and asked me to take a series of photos of him as he walked to the back door–then we printed them out and he cut and pasted to make a flip book!!!

  8. Karen Says:

    Truly amazing! The first question that popped in my mind was how many still photos did this take? I am sure a lot! Love your site, Brad and I have finally found a builder for our house. We searched High and Low for a green builder who was affordable and I think we finally found them http://www.gradco.biz. (In case your are wondering who this is its Michael’s cousin, Karen down here in Texas. )

  9. Katy Says:

    Wow. Incredible.

    I loved the birds that stay still,
    and the drummers,
    and the scary “are you freaking out” image, is that an ad? It made me freak out.

    And the music was absolutely 1000% perfect.

    Garth rocks.

  10. Valerie Heck Says:

    I love the pictures to video! What great work!

  11. Ellen Says:

    Wow. I love that Garth got the whole thing. This piece feels cold, and bustling and empty. I do a similar commute 3 days a week and I can start feeling really disconnected and lonely in the roundtrip that takes 2 1/2 hours day after day.

    Happy Birthday!! I am so glad you were born and are in my life.

    I miss you.

  12. jen Says:

    wow! fantastic. Would never have thought of taking lots of pics like that then joining them together.
    beautiful birthday pres
    happy birthday

  13. Wendy Says:

    The more I watch this (at least 6 times now), the more alive it feels. It’s humming. The bursts of color are hopeful, as are the drummers. Alone, altogether.

  14. helle Says:

    Estyn……. happy birthday to you.
    This is wonderful. I love the little birds on the beam.
    The musicians are great too. I remember the mosaic eyes; I took a lot of photos of those.
    What a privilege to have film-making brothers.

  15. Rosie Says:

    what a great pressie from a great brother! Lovely idea and thank you for sharing it

  16. erica Says:

    omg, totally amazing. i’m a new obsessed knitter who found your blog through a google search. and as a former new yorker, who now lives in chicago, i really adored and appreciated the video. it’s amazing that it is made of still photos. happy birthday!!!

  17. kath Says:

    I love the scenes where estyn spins and the crows and the drumming. i think what is sooooo incredible about this piece is how the music fits so perfectly to the images!! I am so thrilled i got to see this – it describes nyc so perfectly.

  18. Val Mangual Says:

    A beautiful work of Art!

  19. mary jane Says:

    fantastic, what a grand brother, you have…lovely.

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