jewelry site update

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I’ve updated my jewelry web site. Check it out – there are new designs and some additions to the spirals and zig zags.

7 Responses to “jewelry site update”

  1. jude Says:

    beautiful, i love how the names fit perfectly for the designs.

  2. Alice from france Says:

    Oh my!! This SO SO Beautiful! Wow i find you work really beautiful, so elegant!

  3. Barb Says:

    I tried to pick favorites…almost impossible. But if I had to: constellation, deco, dream catcher, square, wild geese. I know I’m influenced by color…the pearl always catches my eye. ALL of these are absolutely exquisite!!! …and they’d be delightful to own and wear!!!

  4. jennie Says:

    oh my, the Deco pieces make me weak in the knees

  5. Ellen Says:

    The chair story is wild huh?? Somethings are just meant to be, I love that the guy saw that too and just gave it to you!

    Your updated site is elegant and stunning. The new designs are really beautiful. The dream catcher is my latest favorite.

    Amazing how much you’re doing…

  6. Julia Says:

    Wow! Your jewellery is stunning and so beautifully presented.I love the flow of ‘wild geese’.

  7. boodely Says:

    Thank you! It means so much to get compliments from truly talented people.

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