longwood gardens

Longwood Gardens is over 1000 acres of horticultural intensity.

Huge conservatories, an orchid house to die for, meadows, tree houses tucked into the forest of tulip trees, Versailles-worthy fountains, giant topiary…

We spent two days there and I feel like I just scratched the surface.
You should go.

In the end what struck me most were details.

The stonework everywhere:

Shapes and textures:

And the most beautiful Copper Beech tree I’ve ever seen:

I’ve come home with a whole lot of inspiration for the next jewelry designs. And an even longer list of “I need” plants than I had before.

8 Responses to “longwood gardens”

  1. Wendy Says:

    Wow! These are gorgeous photos. Looks like a lovely and inspiring place.

  2. gonzomama Says:

    stunning pictures. thank you for sharing. looks like a peaceful way to spend a couple of days. i can relate to that growing list of plants too!

  3. Ellen Says:

    WOW!!! Thank you for the most beautiful pictures.
    I saved the fern as my new desktop.
    I can’t wait to see how the patterns work into your jewelry designs..or knitting etc…

  4. Thea in Nebraska Says:

    Your pictures are just what I needed to interrupt this gloomy day in my part of the world. Thank you!

  5. jennie Says:

    you’re right, I should go! What amazing pictures. I, too, am curious to see how the patterns influence new work. As for the new plants list, I currently work in the perennial section of my local garden shop and am constantly designing my (non-existent) garden in my imagination. I can’t wait to see what you do in your new yard this year.

  6. jude Says:

    love that fern shot

  7. Eliza Says:

    we used to go there when I was a child. They have a great Christmas/holiday display, and it’s so great to be in a warm greenhouse that is full of growing green things in the middle of winter! Glad you loved it so much!

  8. Rebecca Says:

    Gorgeous photos! You know what makes me sad, though? Before moving back to Maryland, I used to live in Kennett Square, not more than 2 miles from Longwood… and yet I only went twice!

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