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Eliza tagged me with a meme that’s been going around. (Or a “me-me” as I think of them.)

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Living in the Midwest. I was working in a gallery. I already had a studio and I think that was the year I participated in the town’s open studio day. Friends helped me hang Christmas lights and baked gorgeous cookies to offer visitors. I hung my first quilt on the studio wall. I was figuring out what I “should” be making.

5 things on my to-do list for today:
Nothing fascinating –
Answer a couple of emails.
Make jewelry.
Pay some attention to this blog.
Make a phone call about buying a car.
Wash them dishes.

Snacks I enjoy:
I’m not crazy about snacks. I like FOOD. And generally not the low fat, virtuous kind, although I do love dark leafy greens. But also ice cream, and cheese, and pieeeeeee.

Due to the strange effects of colonialism, we’re able to get these Scottish caramel wafers in our Caribbean corner store. Bizarre, but appreciated.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Freak out.

Places I have lived:
Born in Edinburgh, Scotland. After a year or two we moved to Roubaix in the north of France, then Paris, then on to Geneva in Switzerland where I was for most of my primary schooling. Back to Edinburgh through high school and art college, then across the Atlantic to Ann Arbor in Michigan. And finally to Brooklyn, New York.

In retrospect it seems kind of inevitable that I would end up in North America. My German grandmother came over to Canada in her 20s and stayed. My mother, on the other hand, was raised in Canada but has spent her adult life in Europe. Seems every generation bounces back across the Atlantic.

6 Responses to “me me”

  1. Katy Says:

    I can’t believe that studio building is gone – I can remember that day.

    Love the billionaire answer, you speak the truth. Have you seen all those studies of accident victims with paralysis and lottery winners? One year after the event – both groups have returned to their pre-event level of happiness. One year!

    I am also grateful to now know that Scotland has a “Chocolate Biscuit Selling League”. 100 Tonnes produced weekly.

  2. thenextstopwillbe Says:

    tunnock’s are available in a dark chocolate version?!?!? why have you never mentioned this? or did you mention it and i forgot. it’s been known to happen.

  3. christine Says:

    OK, what is the meaning of being tagged by a “meme”. Is there a cult of “meme”?
    Where do the “meme” come from?

  4. jude Says:

    wow, you are from far away….loved the freak out comment. right.

  5. Rose Says:

    Good luck tomorrow my friend! moo moo

  6. Katy Says:

    Boodely! Boodely! Boodely! Boodely!
    I am chanting your praises and sending you happy vibes today!

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