secret garden

Searching for a new home is a full-time job that is sucking my will to live. Also, it cuts into blogging time. Hear me groan.

I keep walking past this garden.

It’s private, and there’s a little bench on which I often see a cat. I’m going to go sit in that garden. Please have someone call me when they’ve found me a new home.

3 Responses to “secret garden”

  1. Julia Says:

    I hear you…my last move was so stressful .I never want to move again.
    The garden looks peaceful.Hope you have time to rest there for a while.

  2. Katy Says:

    We hear you groan, I send you metta. Maybe God wants you to take over this garden, pitch a tent, and await further instructions. Maybe God wants to make sure She has hung the perfect curtains for your perfect new home before She shows it to you. K

  3. jude Says:

    Maybe there is no god and so you better hang in there and keep looking. my son lives in Brooklyn, same stress level looking for a new place. good luck and if you find yourself on the street call me.
    ..and secret gardens are the best kind.

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