special orders

I just sent out some special order earrings, requested to match this long necklace. I like making jewelry to order; very often the piece ends up being something I make again.

This time I made a longer pair of Square Earrings, without the drops at the bottom.

I like the way they came out. They would look great worn with hair up, the length accentuating the neck.

7 Responses to “special orders”

  1. Rosemoo Says:

    Are they orange? I love the way I know they will sway around. There is such great movement in your pieces that can’t even begin to be shown in a still photo.

  2. jude Says:

    and they look fabulous in this photo.

  3. christine Says:

    very contemporary,while retaining an old world feel. Lovely

  4. Ellen Says:

    gorgeous, simple and elegant. WOW!!!

  5. Liza Says:

    LOVELY! I do love your work.

  6. helle Says:

    Very Beautiful.

  7. Val Mangual Says:

    yes very beautiful.

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