the big frog

Ugh. I’ve had to frog my sweater all the way back to the shoulder. I was feeling good, knitting along, when this post over at Brooklyn Tweed made me stop and actually look at my knitting. I had this itchy feeling that maybe my gauge wasn’t working right, and I was gaining too many stitches on the sleeves. Investigation confirmed my fearful suspicions.

Here are the pics of my happy oblivious progress pre-unravelling:

And here’s the proof that I was well on my way to having a floral Star Trek outfit:

Ready to do the damage, I reread the section I’m following in Knitting From the Top – only to discover that in my, shall we say, enthusiasm, I had been increasing every single row, instead of alternate rows. The end result of which would be power shoulders worthy of Dynasty.

I am humbled, and back to this:

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  1. Alice from france Says:

    Very pretty! Is it from a pattern in the book Knitting from the top? Did this book is really instructive and good?

  2. boodely Says:

    Yes, the book is great. It doesn’t have specific patterns, more methods of construction that you adapt to your own measurements and knitting gauge.

    Barbara Walker’s writing style is very warm and encouraging, and I found I was reading sections out loud they were so entertaining. I recommend it!

  3. Alice from france Says:

    Thank you very much for your answer! I think i will buy this book because i’m interested of knitting from the top down and sewingless sweater and of corse by your recommendation! ; )

  4. Liza Says:

    Maybe this link will make you feel better (I don’t know why it should help exactly, but it made me smile)


  5. Barb Says:

    Ohhhhhh…taking all that out…or “frogging”…new term for me and I love it…anyway, frogging all that would be painful for me. Since I’m not a knitter, even starting from the beginning looks excessively challenging, but reversing the process????? Ohhhhhhh.

  6. boodely Says:

    Thanks for the sympathy! and the adorable cupcake link Liza – how could anyone eat them? Too beautiful.

  7. katie Says:

    Oh honey, I am with you. After finishing, my last sweater ended up in the waste bin! (dropped stitch and no chance of re-knitting) Construction/Deconstruction–its all part of the deal for me. Your sweater will be so beautiful. I love the color and pattern. Keep on truckin’
    Cheers, Katie

  8. shula Says:


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