tomatoes — the final chapter

It’s getting chilly. I picked a load of parsley and pulled up all the basil plants yesterday, and spent the evening processing them and stocking the freezer with pesto.


I’m still in squirrel mode. I have half-ripe tomatoes sitting around the house and they continue to ripen on the vine as well, where the zinnias compete for the most colorful award, poking their heads out above what has become the tomato hedge.




According to my journal, last year’s first recorded frost was on October 19th. I can feel it creeping closer…

3 Responses to “tomatoes — the final chapter”

  1. jude Says:

    still so warm here, i keep expecting the garden to fade, but it just keeps coming.

  2. Katy Says:

    We had a frost here already, last week!
    For some reason, Wolfie looks quite deranged in the first photo.

  3. Ellen Says:

    A yearly gratitude & sadness creeps in with the last days of the growing season. Time to turn in toward home, making sure the furnace is primed and the wood is dry & stacked…I love this time of year.

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