up close

Spring seems to have sprung, and then come unhinged. The peonies, gorgeous beyond gorgeousness last week, are now flopped soggy in the grass. The irises have left ugly seed pods on their stems, and everything needs a haircut. Again. It’s only been four days since the last one.

Instead of weeping over the mess and the never-ending mowing chore, I choose denial. I’m going to focus on the tiny tidy details.

Here are some (tidy) pictures from the past weeks.

bleeding heart
Perfectly-shaped bleeding heart.

cherry blossoms
Blossoms on the cherry tree planted a year ago.

Hello peonies!

Enormous iris.

potential cherry
There are a handful of these cherries-to-be on the tree. By the grace of god, the deer and the weather, I may get to eat one later this summer.

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  1. christine Says:

    those are very happy peonies and the bleeding heart is so sweet. yes I need to mow too, maybe tomorrow.

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