what a difference half a millimeter makes

I’ve started making another white pearl Deco Choker like this one:

photo by Christine Linder

This time I thought I’d try using a paler gold, which is also thinner, and it turns out that the pearls I’m using are a fraction of a millimeter narrower than the ones I used last time. It’s amazing what a difference it makes, although it’s kind of hard to illustrate the point without having them side-by-side.

Here’s the new white pearl version I’m working on next to a brown pearl necklace I made previously. The new piece is narrower and feels lighter; I think the final necklace will be more delicate and might need an extra triangle so it’s long enough.

I could probably spend a lifetime making the same piece over with new materials, or making tiny variations in spacing or length. I can make an educated guess as to how the beads will behave but I have to make the necklace or at least a sample to be sure. And it’s still frequently a complete surprise.

4 Responses to “what a difference half a millimeter makes”

  1. Barb Says:

    Ah, yes, that creativity in experimenting. My first brush with that has been in quilting. That picture by Chris Linder really shows off the shape.

  2. Ellen Says:

    What a beautiful piece. I like them both. I can see how tight and more about the shape of pearls the second piece is, where as the first one with the golden brown pearls seems more about the lines and the interesting mechanics…

  3. buddha_is Says:

    I wish I was slightly more refined in my features, I’d love to wear most anything you make.

    I’m already pushing my limits with the silver fingernails….

  4. jessmc Says:

    amazing! 😉

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