wings of desire


I just watched Wings of Desire again. I saw the film shortly after it was made, and I remembered it as something I was supposed to like, rather than something I connected with. It’s good to let time pass.

This time I found the film incredibly moving. Angels walking among us listen to our thoughts and fears, and each person has a story which is vulnerable and unique. This reminded me of Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson; both are full of details so specific, and yet telling of universal experience. Descriptions of the sacred embodied.

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Song of Childhood
    By Peter Handke

    When the child was a child
    It walked with its arms swinging,
    wanted the brook to be a river,
    the river to be a torrent,
    and this puddle to be the sea.

    When the child was a child,
    it didn’t know that it was a child,
    everything was soulful,
    and all souls were one…..

  2. helle Says:

    This is a wonderful movie. Interesting how some images stay in the mind.

    I especially loved the image of the angel (Bruno Ganz) standing on the rooftop of a very tall building, looking out over Berlin, with a giant steel eagle gargoyle next to him. One of Wim Wenders most successful films, I think.

    The cinematographer, Henri Alekan, was apparently very old (80s-90s) when he shot this.

    You’ve inspired me to have another look at this film.

  3. jennie Says:

    the smallest mention of this film will make me stop in my tracks, lay a hand on my chest and close my eyes with a smile and a contented sigh. i think it’s time to watch again

  4. boodely Says:

    Helle – that’s so interesting about the age of the cinematographer, especially given the old man character in the film.

    Jennie – wish we could watch it together.

    Ellen –
    “…When the child was a child,
    It played with enthusiasm,
    and, now, has just as much excitement as then,
    but only when it concerns its work.”

    A reminder to play.

  5. dlcowgirl Says:

    Wings of Desire is perhaps my most favorite movie…. Have you seen the sequel “Far Away, So Close”….. For a sequel, it is actually quite good, if not equal to Wings of Desire….. If you haven’t seen it, it is a must…. I have both in my collection……
    Thanks for bringing it up ….. I think I will watch both again…..

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