jacket from scratch

I’m still catching up on sewing show & tell. I finished this guy back in December but no pics until now. Sorry the color’s a bit off.

I bought the fabric last year on my first expedition to Mood Fabric, during which there was much hyperventilation, and simultaneous desires to buy everything and to run screaming from the store.

Thankfully my friend Chris was with me, and by repeatedly stopping and staring at each other and saying over and over “this is amayyyyzing” and “I’m overwhelmed” we made it through the experience. I walked out with this upholstery fabric (for a bag? for a jacket? we didn’t know) and the fabric for my first pair of pants.

The jacket pattern is from Burda magazine, a reissue/update of one of their 60s patterns. Since my shoulders are 2 sizes smaller than everything else on my body I decided it would be smart to make a muslin, which felt like a terribly professional approach and turned out to be really helpful.

Basically I made a mock-up of the jacket out of cheap muslin and then tried it on and fitted it by pinning and basting until it seemed to fit right. I then transferred the changes back to my paper pattern, unstitching where needed to get the fabric flat again. This is like making two whole garments, which does sound crazy, but since it prevented the final piece from being thrown to the floor and stomped on in grief and frustration I think it was time well spent, and has become my M.O.

This fabric is so busy that I decided to skip making the pockets. Also because pockets seemed like more than I could handle. As it was I spent an entire evening puzzling out how to cut the fabric so the pattern would kinda sorta match up across seam lines and openings. I ended up making the back sleeves out of two fabric sections since there just wasn’t enough yardage to cut out the whole pieces and get the fabric pattern placed right.

The jacket is lined, which yet again is like making a second (in this case third) entire jacket, with slightly different edges. But the lining is red, and silky, and makes my jacket look like a real jacket so I love it.

I’m pleased and a little surprised at how well the whole thing turned out.

Even though I saw this design store window while on vacation, complete with pillows in the same fabric – different colorway.

Apparently I’m not done with upholstering myself.

13 Responses to “jacket from scratch”

  1. gonzomama Says:

    I am impressed! It looks like you did a fantastic job (I am envious of your sewing skills) and the fabric is great (looks better on you than on the pillows)! Kudos!

  2. Barb Says:

    The matching exactness is overwhelming…across the front onto the sleeves, even on the collar. And the perfect fit. Another five gold stars!

  3. Eliza Says:

    I am SOOOOOO impressed!! Now I want to run out and find Burda and make something for myself. (no, I must finish my other projects!!) there just isn’t time in the day to do everything.

  4. Grfy Says:

    Boodeley boodyful! Great cut on you..

  5. Ellen Says:

    It is beautiful on you, the cut colors and everything. I love how you planned it so that the buttons would be between the circles on your fabric pattern, brilliant!!

  6. jennie Says:

    I love the sleeve length, the pattern matching, the shape of the collar: everything about it this jacket is gorgeous! (not to mention the fabric itself…) Your patience and eye for detail never fail to amaze me.

  7. Jennie Says:

    …and I especially love the laughter in your first photo

  8. helle Says:

    That’s gorgeous. Looks really nice on you and I’m very impressed with the whole process you went through.

  9. mary jane Says:

    No need to be jealous of those pillows, you look way better in that fabric than they do. Beautiful in fact!

  10. sabrina Says:

    The jacket is amazing. I have been online for the last 2 days trying to find a pattern for this exact jacket. Can you please tell me what issue of Burda this is from, maybe I can get it as a back issue.

    Great job, and thanks so much for sharing it!

  11. boodely Says:

    Thanks everybody! The pattern was in the September 2007 issue – style #106. Let me know if you make it, Sabrina.

  12. pinknest Says:

    gorgeous! how impressive you can create such beautiful jackets. did you know i’m a coat whore!? and jacket fiend. i love coats! and how fun you went to mood. make it work!

  13. Monica Says:

    I want it! It looks so slick! Good call on the red lining ; )

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