recycled shearling

A friend gave me this faux shearling jacket. It’s really warm but the cut was not flattering on me at all.


I took the sleeves off and then got stuck for several months, completely uncertain of how to shape the shoulder. When I came back to the coat the solution seemed obvious, which is often my experience with getting stuck on projects.

I measured where I thought the shoulder seam should be and cut to that shape.

I also unstitched the seams between waist and underarm and took them in for a better shape. I then reattached the sleeves. I shortened the coat by about 8 inches, and replicated the turn-up from the original. Finally I added a snap at the neck for a better neckline. It was easy once I trusted myself with it, especially since the fabric doesn’t fray.

I’ve been wearing it non-stop so it’s kind of grubby in the pictures, but it’s keeping me nice and warm.

5 Responses to “recycled shearling”

  1. Eliza Says:

    That’s really cute! I admire your skills, and wish I could be as resourceful!

  2. Barb Says:

    Awesome! Some things I’ll try to copy…not this feat!! It’s very, very nice!! Five gold stars for you.

  3. jude Says:

    nice job!

  4. helle Says:

    How clever. Looks cosy.

  5. jennie Says:

    well done! looks like just the thing for midwinter coziness.

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