behold the bread

Seems like everyone has made no knead bread before me. The original recipe was published in the New York Times a year ago, and then Cook’s Illustrated had to go one further, publishing an “improved” version in their latest magazine: lager and vinegar have been added to improve the flavor, and you knead the bread for 10 seconds. I tried it. Easy peasy. And look!

So very very good, and I made it!
Smugly off to make one with cranberries and pecans next…

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  1. Katy Says:

    I heard about this bread on the radio! They said “Boodely has lately created….” Heh, heh.

    It feels wierd that none of us knew about this until a year ago. Is this a new way to make bread or a rediscovery of bread o the ages? Remember that Talking Heads song? “We used to microwave! Now we just eat nuts and berries!”

  2. Barb Says:

    Can I come live with you for awhile???

  3. mary jane Says:


  4. Wendy Says:

    Oh! Must have!
    But the kids won’t let me not knead. They need to knead. Must no knead in secret…

  5. Ellen Says:

    Seriously, lets all move over to Estyn’s, she has the best baked goods…wish you lived nearer so I could raid the larder..

  6. jude Says:

    i’m beholding.

  7. Liza Says:

    That looks so good. I have been meaning to make it since I first saw the article. I think you have inspired me.

  8. susan Says:

    stupid site wouldnt let me get the recipe without signing up for the mag :o(
    this looks so delish

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