It may be November before I have a picture of my newly completed beret on my head. In the meantime I can tell you that it’s cute and comfy, and give you a picture of sunlight shining through the knitting, exposing the incidental nifty little flower at the center.

3 Responses to “beret”

  1. jude Says:

    great photo, it looks like the dome of a cathedral or something.

  2. Liza Says:

    I also love the photo. And, of course, I have a technical question: Did you knit it from the top down? How did you start it?


  3. boodely Says:

    It’s knit from the brim to the top. I used this pattern – – but added an increase and then
    decrease to make it a bit bigger and poofier. I happened to have the
    Koigu yarn in the color described in the pattern – a shocking
    following of directions!

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