Stash is almost as good a word as swatch. It conjures squirrels, eccentrics, and tubs filled with yarn – all good things.

Liza sent me this article which argues that we should change the way we think about our stashes of craft supplies and consider them instead a collection. There must be something in the air because the Yarn Harlot had just posted about “pet skeins” of yarn, and The Next Stop Will Be was coming out about his accumulation of watches.

I love collections, like with like. As a young teenager I told my grandmother that I wanted to collect something, and soon afterwards she gave me three small boxes.

The silver one in the middle is from her time in India and still contains red pigment used for bindis.

Over the years those three boxes were joined by more, like this one from a friend who traveled to China:

and these four in my bathroom.

Good thing she didn’t get me started on something large!

5 Responses to “collecting”

  1. jude Says:

    i love little boxes too, i will photo my collection, lots from my grandmother who lived in the phillipines for a while.

  2. boodely Says:

    They sound wonderful, I’d love to see them.

  3. Wendy Says:

    Beautiful! I don’t remember ever seeing the first three, at least not all together. We’re honored the pink and orange sequined box is part of the collection 🙂 It’s marketed as a children’s jewelry case.

  4. boodely Says:

    This picture doesn’t do it justice since the pointy turret top is missing. Awesome birthday gift!!

  5. jude Says:

    by the way, you have inspired me to finish a post regarding “stashes”. i will certainly use yours as a reference……

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