unpacking the studio

A few things are seeing the light of day.

I’m enjoying my familiar objects, even while they’re stacked up waiting to find their proper place.

6 Responses to “unpacking the studio”

  1. Barb Says:

    Your objects are so colorful! Nice.

  2. Julia Says:

    Opening the boxes and finding your little treasures is like a reward for all the hard work of moving.Hope you are settling in nicely!

  3. jude Says:

    unpacking is like getting presents. everything seems new in a new surrounding. happy homecoming!

  4. boodely Says:

    Yes exactly! What’s old is new again. And it does feel like a reward after the move.

  5. Ellen Says:

    seeing freshly what had been unnoticed when it stayed in it’s “proper” place. ..welcome home anew…

  6. Liza Says:

    Even when the time span between packing and unpacking is not very long, I am always surprised and excited by what I find when I unpack. Hope you are enjoying the new space and finding places for your treasures within it.

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