winter studio

leaves in the driveway

The work center of the studio is making its annual pilgrimage, closer to the wood stove. When it gets cold outside I find that I’m like the cats — I want to be as close to the fire as possible. So I end up working at the dining table, where it’s warm and the morning light is brightest since the windows face to the east.

I’ve been making some of my aunt and mentor Jessica Rose’s designs.

These Ruffle Bracelets are fabulous. Made of stone beads, they have a softness and fluidity that is super feminine. I love them in jade and carnelian but I might have to make them in white pearl next, for a vintage lacy look.

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  1. christine Says:

    OMG those colors are fabulous, love them.

  2. Valerie Mangual Says:

    I love these colors Estyn! Your blog is so beautiful I love to visit and think I’m there.

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