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recycled shearling

Monday, January 28th, 2008

A friend gave me this faux shearling jacket. It’s really warm but the cut was not flattering on me at all.


I took the sleeves off and then got stuck for several months, completely uncertain of how to shape the shoulder. When I came back to the coat the solution seemed obvious, which is often my experience with getting stuck on projects.

I measured where I thought the shoulder seam should be and cut to that shape.

I also unstitched the seams between waist and underarm and took them in for a better shape. I then reattached the sleeves. I shortened the coat by about 8 inches, and replicated the turn-up from the original. Finally I added a snap at the neck for a better neckline. It was easy once I trusted myself with it, especially since the fabric doesn’t fray.

I’ve been wearing it non-stop so it’s kind of grubby in the pictures, but it’s keeping me nice and warm.

flying bicycle

Friday, January 25th, 2008

I’ve been walking down this block several times a week for months now, but I only just noticed the bicycle. What else am I missing?

more bread

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

I made the bread twice more. Once with whole wheat, pecans, and cranberries.

Then with sesame seeds scattered on top.

Both filled my chest with a swelling sense of pride in their beauty; for one whole minute before they were demolished by a ravenous horde.

(Can you have a horde of 2? I looked it up and apparently not – you need at least 5 small families, but considering the level of bread consumption I stand by my use of the word.)

waves & flowers

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

The cone necklace made me wonder what I could do with half-cones so I started this experiment.

Today I closed it so that it turned into a flower. The curves allow it to stretch so it can fit over your hand and onto your wrist. It’s a pretty dramatic bracelet. Or a small sculpture.

Now I’m wondering how the shape will turn out if I change the size of the waves, or the angles, or the number of rows…

behold the bread

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

Seems like everyone has made no knead bread before me. The original recipe was published in the New York Times a year ago, and then Cook’s Illustrated had to go one further, publishing an “improved” version in their latest magazine: lager and vinegar have been added to improve the flavor, and you knead the bread for 10 seconds. I tried it. Easy peasy. And look!

So very very good, and I made it!
Smugly off to make one with cranberries and pecans next…

purple glove

Friday, January 4th, 2008

Christmas to New Year to whoops it’s been a week without posting. I’ve been in that hibernating, quiet, winter space. Spent the first of the year tidying up, readying my studio for new work. Dreaming the next phase.

Slowed down to notice the glove abandoned in the street below.

And the cactus blooming up above.